Legal/Civil Wedding in Punta Cana

*This option cannot be purchased separately and has to be combined with one of our symbolic ceremonies ("Amor All-Inclusive" or "I do for Two" package)

The following documentation is needed to get legally married in the Dominican Republic for both the groom and the bride:

  1. Original valid passport and color scans/copies of the passport's bio-page.
  2. Birth certificate (duplicate or Notary Certified True Copy) (the long detailed version, which includes parents' names) legalized with Apostille at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can get your document apostille at the office of Vital Records in your state.
  3. Sworn declaration of single status before a Notary and legalized with Apostille.
  4. If previously married, a divorce certificate; if widowed, the death certificate (duplicate or Notary Certified True Copy) legalized with Apostille.


  • If you have been divorced, the original of your decree absolute.
  • If you have been widowed, the original copy of your partner's death certificate.
  • If you have changed your name, the original copy of the deed poll proof of name change will be required. Please note that if you have been divorced and have reverted to using your maiden name then this counts as a change of name, and proof of that change will be required.
  • If you were adopted, the original copy of your adoption certificate.

Once these documents are ready, they should be scanned and sent to us by e-mail at least 2 month prior to the wedding ceremony date.

Originals of these documents with Apostilles should be brought physically to the wedding ceremony.

All the translations will be done in the Dominican Republic once we receive copies of the documents above.

All of the legal ceremonies can only be performed Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm (depending on the Judge's availability).

The ceremony must be performed in Spanish (we will provide a translator). The marriage certificate will also be issued in Spanish. Marriage certificate with official Dominican Appostile will be sent to you via DHL or FedEx within 4 months after the wedding ceremony.

What's included
  • Translations and legalization of the documents in the Dominican Republic
  • Judge's fees for the ceremony
  • Marriage Certificate with Appostile
  • Mailing fees of the marriage certificate